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When it comes to translators, one of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that they tend to think a person who knows a foreign language is a good translator.
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Qualities of a good translator

good translator

Qualities of a good translator

When it comes to translators, one of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that they tend to think a person who knows a foreign language is a good translator. That is not even close to the truth. A good translator needs to poses a lot of qualities. It does not matter whether the translator is from local translation services or from a world renowned translation service provider. There are basic skills that they must have. In this article, we will see in detail the qualities of a good translator.

Translation skills

The first and the most obvious one is the translation skills. They should be able to translate any kind of dialect and have absolute mastery over the language.  The translation is not just a conversion of one language to another. It is the way of conveying information in the language that they know.


Passion for a job is very important to improve the skills. It is applicable not just for translators it is applicable for all kinds of jobs. If there is passion will motivate people to perfect their skill and improve themselves in every way possible.



The curiosity to know a lot of new things in one of the important aspects that a good translator should have. New words and expressions keep popping up regularly. Hence it is important that they keep themselves updated to do a good job.

Rich Vocabulary

It is not just enough just to be good at the language, grammar and dialects. It is also important for a translator to have a rich vocabulary. Anyone can be good at their language. But it really takes a lot to have a good vocabulary. It requires a lot of reading.


For a translator, clarity is not a luxury, it is mandatory. If he or she is not clear, there is no way that they can translate things precisely. It is one of the biggest hurdles for translating the language in a proper way. That too, it is very important when it comes to business translation.


The quality of the translation matters a lot. Most of the people expect you to meet some standards when you are translating. It is not necessary to exceed those levels. But it is important that you meet those standards. If not, things might go wrong in a big way.


We all know for a fact that there are good possibilities that different meaning can be conveyed to people by the translators because of the inaccuracy. Being accurate in very essential for a good translator.


There are good possibilities that some translators might get affected or offended by what people say. Even though it is against their believes or morals, it is the work of the translator to translate the exact same thing. It should be totally honest.


A good translator needs to be humble. Just because they know some extra languages, it does not mean that they can show off and be proud of it. Their work is to translate and nothing more.

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