Avondale Writers Conference | What are the fields veterans can work
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What are the fields veterans can work

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What are the fields veterans can work

Military is an excellent career opportunity as the people there are taught discipline, perseverance and teamwork while achieving benefits for their future, both personally as well as professionally. However, the military careers are usually very short. So, after their short lived career, the military veterans often look for various other work opportunities. The two big questions when it comes to hiring veterans are how to hire a veteran? And the second is which field they can work? Below is the list of different fields veterans can work in:



Science is a natural choice for a lot of military veterans as they tend to possess excellent work ethic along with having a desire for understanding how different kinds of things operate and function. In fact various engineering and aerospace firms are regarded as the best ones for the veterans for finding work.

Transportations and logistics

Transportations and logistics are considered as a great field for the veterans as they get to use their problem solving skills in this field. There are many employers in this field who specifically look for the military veterans for the logistics positions because veterans have an excellent experience in managing supply chains along with tracking inventory in the best way. Having great situational awareness and existing understanding of several basic logistics requirements such as timing and route planning, a lot of employers find the veterans to be the best choice for the commercial driving roles. Due to this reason, the transportations and logistics industry is basically a great fit for the veterans.

Information technology

While the field of technology has been growing rapidly and lots of people are getting the opportunity of working in this field, particularly there are two positions in the information technology field where veterans are best suited. These two positions are cyber security and software development. As this industry is growing rapidly and companies looking for bright talents, they highly consider recruiting veterans as the veterans have a great ability for solving complex problems, adapt to the changing circumstances and have a great thinking power. Veterans are actually a great choice for the information technology field.


The construction industry is capable of providing great opportunities for the veterans. Their emphasis on team work, their physical fitness levels, and their pride in their works makes them more suitable to work in the construction industry. They are actually the best persons which the construction companies’ employers can have for doing the kind of work which needs to be done in the field of construction.


The customer service representatives are considered as the face of any organisation. They need to talk to the customers and provide different types of information about the products and services which the organisation offers. They need to handle customer complaints, have good listening power and have great problem solving skills. The above mentioned characteristics are present in the veterans, therefore, they are considered as a great choice for the customer service representatives in the medical field. Moreover, for the veterans who have experience in helping the wounded, injured or sick soldiers can apply their experience in the medical field too.

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