Review and Specifications of Toyota Sienta

Cars are becoming more grounded, more accessible and widely owned. Ease of car loans also affects the high number of car owners today. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is not always a positive indicator. The number of cars that go on the streets to make the more inevitable congestion. Of course, this problem is experienced by all road users, especially road users in urban areas. The lack of convenient and affordable public transportation modes also contributes to this phenomenon. But for those who want a comfortable and suitable vehicle for urban areas, no doubt, the type of car hatchback or mini MPV like Toyota Sienta could be the right choice.

At least it’s been almost 13 years Toyota Sienta accompany the world community and become part of Toyota’s valuable portfolio. From generation to generation, Sienta family has always been a unique choice that can answer the needs of the riders. The concept is other than the other with a combination of hatchback and MPV, making Toyota Sienta suitable to penetrate urban streets are familiar with the congestion. Of course, as time goes by, the design and technology adopted are also growing. And now, Toyota Sienta present in Indonesia in 2015 by offering a myriad of exciting features for those who want comfort and agility.
Exterior Design

Specifications of Toyota Sienta

Rear Side Exterior Design

Before talking more about Toyota Sienta in Indonesia, the discussion would be more interesting if starting from the design side. The unique word is always synonymous with Toyota Sienta. Since its inception, the Toyota family has always attracted those interested in unique design cars. But not only maintain its unique impression, Toyota Sienta 2015 also comes with a more modern and dynamic design. And of course, fresh is the right word to describe this latest generation of Toyota Sienta.

Dimensions of this car looks very compact. Even the size is no bigger than the type of hatchback car like the Toyota Yaris is very salable in the Indonesian market. But in some ways, Toyota Sienta has a different design style than others. A short front muzzle and small grille make this car look so stunning. Changes are quite radical also seen on the side of the headlights. Now, the 2015 Toyota Sienta headlights look sharper and the box without a rounded shape touch like its predecessor

No less interesting than Toyota Sienta Indonesia is the presence of fog lights and finishing accents that look together with the headlights of the car. This black accent even looks fused perfectly with the front grille of the car. Switch to the body, curve Toyota Sienta body not only looks aerodynamic but also interesting. The rear side of the car is also not less unique. Now, the rear side of the Toyota Sienta looks more modern with the design of a fresh and dynamic rear lights.

The overall design of Toyota Sienta has two main impressions, unique and sporty. Why is it unique? That’s because of the MPV concept it has. This concept is visible from the design of the back door that carries the concept of the same slide as the type of MPV cars in general. But because of the small size of the car, the style of this door looks unusual and tend to be a bit strange. Strange that is interesting of course.

Interior Design Toyota Sienta

The attractiveness of the MPV type car is located on the size of the cabin is a relief and comfortable design, suitable for those who have many family members. But unlike the case with Toyota Sienta 2015, such impression will not be obtained completely. Cabin size is quite relieved. It’s just not selega MPV cars in general. Mini MPV size is precisely like the interior of a hatchback car faces with a back door style slide. More incoming access may be the only difference between the Toyota Sienta and the hatchback type car in general. Furthermore, there is no significant difference in the capacity of the car.

Toyota Sienta Dashboard Indonesia looks not much different from the cars in general. Looks clean with some control panels that are easily accessible by both the rider and the passenger in the front seat. Small stir size also gives comfort and convenience for the rider. But the unique here is the position of the transmission lever that looks attached to the dashboard of the car. This is very different from other cars that generally put the transmission lever on the sidelines between the driver’s seat with the front passenger seat.