Dodge Charger Headlight Bulb Replacement

Dodge Charger Headlight Bulb Replacement

Driving using four-wheel is a very fun, usually the driver using four wheel widely used to travel very far. However, it is not possible to close by using four-wheeled vehicles are also at a close distance. Many users of four-wheel enjoy life more in the car than at home, because this can already be a very enjoyable pastime for him. But in the course of the night, which would be very annoying if the car does not work with normal. For example on the part of the function lamp lights for travel at night is very important. If it happens the bulb broke or die when you’re on the go, this is obviously confusing to you. If you are a beginner.

You may also not know when to turn the regular light bulb on your car. For you who don’t want to bother with this thing you can just bring on a mechanic that you trust to solve your car problems. But what if you want to replace the headlight bulb in it?? In this case the turn of the headlight bulb it should be in accordance with the vehicle you have. As an example dodge charger headlight bulb replacement.

dodge charger headlight bulb number

But before going further, you also have to know what it was all about light bulb below:

Lights are something that can help the driver to see another vehicle in front, or the vehicle opposite to the driver at the time of the evening. For new cars it’s been a lot that comes with a light bulb, not the whole headlamp units, which means that you enough to replace the bulb lights only. Stout car for sure has four lights on the front (separate the two for high beam and two for low). But there is also another type of car only has two lights (each car lights can be used for high beam and low).

Most for this type of car-new car currently has a separate fuse for each headlamp. Before the bulb is replaced with a new one, the mechanic should check and see what kind of special fuse bulb which is used. Because If the light is still not lit after installing the new lamp, there may be a problem between the socket, the wiring, or switches. Then it should be checked carefully.


Any type of vehicle that uses the system, HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights. The lights of this type of using some of the components able to produce light which is much brighter. For Lamps of this type you can get with the price estimated cost of more than $100. For that you need to know the type of bulbs your vehicle, before replacing with the type of lamp that is new.

A general guide is commonly done:

  • First check the bulbs, sockets and wiring carefully.
  • Remove and replace light bulbs that have been damaged.
  • After all is done try running the back lights the front of the car and check out the one by one lamp to the other.

Our recommendations for you:

Keep the headlamp lens clean and free of oxidation whatsoever. Because of several sources of dirty lens possible the resulting light is not too bright. For mechanics who are professionals, usually using a special lens to oxidation, to clean the headlights of your car. This will be very useful to improve the quality of the light coming from the lamp lens.

Common signs that often occur, you may have to replace a dodge charger headlight bulb?

  • The light bulb you die total (can be dimmed or off)
  • Your car lights are lit, but dim next.

How important is the replacement front headlight bulb your vehicle?

We know the car has some lights attached, so that from the lamp out light is able to illuminate the front of your car. As we already described in the paragraph at the top, in fact this light has two real aims:

  1. Help the driver who was driving to see in the dark.
  2. Help your vehicle to be seen by other motorists or pedestrians who also are in the journey.

When a headlight bulb your vehicle goes out, the lamps must not emit light. It is very dangerous if driving at night, because it can reduce your visibility as the driver and other drivers around. A light bulb that is not official can also cause rapid damage.

The last thing we can convey to you about the dodge charger headlight bulb replacement to estimate the average cost incurred was $86 with all the details which we have presented above. This can be changed according to the place that you already believe, can be more expensive and also cheaper.