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6 Steps How To Make Your Own Bumper Sticker

make your own bumper sticker kit

Everyone knows that stickers are the easiest and the cheapest way to make the appearance of the car cooler and attract attention, sometimes automotive enthusiasts express his character on a sticker attached to the body of the vehicle. Well, we’d better know how to make your own bumper sticker is an easy and cool, to make 4-wheel vehicles buddy be the belle in the urban asphalt.

How to Make bumper Stickers of Your Own Car Easy

Here are some tips to create car stickers that can be done quickly and easily as long as you are full of patience and there is basic science in software design, namely:

1. Prepare material for the manufacture of stickers on the vehicle

You can buy a sheet of stickers to the car body in the store of office equipment, and more easily bought in the online store. And we suggest that stickers are made with high quality to prevent it fade exposed to the radiation of the sun and moreover for sale to consumers. You need to buy ink that is not easily fade in direct sunlight.

2. Design stickers with coreldraw or photoshop
We already understand how to use design software such as coreldraw or photoshop because this software is a desktop software publishing that is widely used. You design what is the size of the sticker that will stick to the body or the bumper of the car, then you choose the format of the resolution of the image or document in the top 300 pixels/inch for print results good, it is fantastic and does not break.

how to make your own bumper sticker at home

3. Test results are printed stickers

Important for pal to check or test the result of print on a blank sheet of paper to make sure whether the size, color and design looks like the one on the software coreldraw or photoshop. Then place the print on the sheet of paper on the body of the car to ensure it can fit or fitting.

4. Print car stickers

Once you are sure the design of the stickers made, it is definitely suitable then you print to a sheet of special stickers car body. First clean sheet of the stickers in the blank with a dry tissue to remove dust or dirt.

After the sheet of stickers already printed, then prepare the lap to remove or absorb the excess ink at him. Companions, let the sticker for 1 to 2 hours to ensure the ink, existing on the stickers are completely dry or cure the ink to infuse so it is not easy to fade.

5. Spray UV protection to the stickers.

So that the stickers do not fade in the sun, then spray sprays UV protection available in the shop variations of car or shop online.

6. Installation of car stickers

Last do the installation sticker on the body of the car care, start by putting stickers on the car body without exfoliating first because to ensure the correct fitting position. After that, just paste the stickers by slowly.

Or you can view the video below as a guide for you.

That’s how to make your own bumper sticker with coreldraw or photoshop that can be applied to make the vehicles more cool and attractive. Hopefully the explanation can be easily understood by you all.