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Welcome To Writing And Education Conferences

An event to enrich your brains with new ideas and perspectives. Witness the world-renowned speakers and eminent personalities in the industry under one roof.

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Education Theory & Practice

Education Theory & Practice

Writing and Education Conferences is constantly innovating and coming up with new theories that can help to educate people in a better way.

Child & Family Education

Child & Family Education

One of our main agendas is to give importance to child education, especially in countries where there is poor a literacy rate.

Writing & Education Conferences

Writing & Education Conferences

The Writing Education Conference is very focused on improving the education of all around the world.



In anyone’s life learning is an integral part. We want to make it the experience as beautiful as possible.

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About Writing & Education Conferences

Writing and education conference is one of a kind event that focuses mainly on improving the education standards of people. It opens up new ways and comes up with new strategies that contribute to the improvement of education in every aspect.

Our Blog

  • Advantages of Assessments in Educational Institutions

    Depending on the schools and universities, assessments can take various forms – group projects, short essay writing, summary writing, presentation skills, and exams, just to name a few. The primary goal of assessing a student is to monitor their learning and improve their academic progress......

  • Benefits Of Cost Segregation Studies

    With the growth of the real estate market improving day by day, some investors are now becoming more and more focused on the maximization of returns on the investment for commercial real estate projects that they undertake. Most commercially rented properties do depreciate over 40 years while the residential rental properties can depreciate over 28 years. Some building components may qualify for a much shorter depreciation recovery period of even 7- 15 years. The cost segregation studies are often utilized to reallocate the building costs. When a commercial property is bought or even constructed, that building becomes an asset. Owners can even take the portions of purchase and consider as taxable income deductions every year in the schedule. The cost segregation studies and cost seg services analyzes the components that would make up the building and it is also a process in which the detailed entries are made in a fixed asset kind of system for all sorts of properties, long term and short term. For example: Some aspects of properties can be assigned a 3, 5, 7 or even 15-year tax lives. The shorter kinds of life spans are completely depreciated in an accelerated rate, which indeed dramatically increases the tax payers and the federal tax deductions. conference

    A property analysis example:

    One of the best ways to properly illustrate the effects of the cost segregation is to compare the property with a study and without one. A tax payer buys a house for 1.5 million dollars, excluding the land. If no study is performed, then the taxpayer would enter the cost into a fixed asset system as a 40-year property. After the initial first 5 years, the taxpayer would have collected $1, 55,000 in depreciation costs. Some cost segregation studies have been rising since the year 1997 when the tax court case of Hospital Corporation of The USA Inc. affirmed the use of them. Some recent court cases and IRS rulings have indeed modified some landscape regarding the cost segregation studies. Due to the complexity of some final regulations and also potentially significant impact in the taxpayers, the real estate owners, the IRS have moved to issue Revenue Procedure of 2015-2020. Some brand new IRS guidance provides some sorts of simplified kind of certain small businesses and also clarifications regarding the implementation of its provisions. A sort of careful analysis of the cost allocation of the real estate projects and also some improvements can provide considerable after-tax money flow for the real estate investors. The tax payers should indeed work with the real estate attorneys and the CPA or cost segregation specialists in order to maximize the real estate investments returns by correctly analyzing the cost allocations.  ...

  • How taking Online Math Classes Help Students?

    Be it grade 5 mathematics or engineering mathematics, it is a universally accepted complicated subject. From simple integration and differentiation to complicated engineering calculus, mathematics has different levels of complex sums and topics. Most students often find the classroom environment uncomfortable to clear their doubts and impugn. Hence, online mathematics classes are the best solution for such novices and students that are struggling with the completion of their work and understanding the topics. Here, in this article, we've mentioned a few points on how taking online math classes can help students. Disparate from traditional classrooms The options are stagnant in offline traditional class that does not make use of technology to impart knowledge to students. Adapting to online math classes diversifies the strategy which helps students in a better understanding of the concepts. Conduct regular tests and assessments Regular tests and assessments are conducted by the online classes which help in keeping track of the student's improvements. This is generally done on a weekly or daily basis, depending on the institute. For instance, Platforms like MyMathLab, by Pearson conducts tests on a regular basis to help students understand the concepts better. However, it is often intimidating to complete all assignments and homework provided by the platform and is a daunting task, especially for novices. Students are often intimidated by the amount of work and expect a reliable source to find answers, especially mymathlab answers as they require utmost concentration and dedication even to solve the simple problems. One of the best solutions to this is to hire services that provide answers to these questions, and also help in understanding their platform efficiently. This not only saves the students' time but also helps in understanding the concepts better. Flexible Since the classes, and the assignments are online, they provide the perks of attending and learning at the students' pace. Unlike the traditional classroom environment, nobody forces taking down notes or pay attention even when you don't want to. Online math classes allows the students to learn to use their methods, and techniques while still gaining knowledge — probably better than what they learn in a traditional classroom.


    Most students are one the fence regarding the maths subject and are always on the hunt for shortcuts and other ways to overcome their struggles in the subject. Taking up an online math class could be a solution to half their problems as they're not forced to study in an environment they're not fond of — school. But the other half of the work should be done by the students, so that, they can gain knowledge from these alternative forms of learning. That said, exceptions always exist where some online writing services can help students complete their assessments and other math homework....

  • Mechanics

    Some Tricks To Solve Problems In Engineering And Mechanics

    A lot of students have actually found mechanics to be quite a bit of a nightmare and a very complicated thing that they take too much time to comprehend and then do assignments about it. Well, it is simply because of the fact that they do not follow the right kind of approach, and they just try to mug it all up. By “mug it up” I mean to try and by-heart all of it. They do not seem to develop an understanding when it is needed to attempt to solve the problems that are set in front of them. The result of that will undoubtedly be a lot of frustration and also throw in some lack of self-confidence too. There are some simple and also effective tips that you make use of to turn mechanics into one of your strong areas. You will be interested in knowing how all of this can be done. You will actually find out about all of that in this article. develop an understanding

    • You should make sure that you build a proper math foundation. Physics is required for basic calculus too, and that is important. Before you go ahead and do anything with mechanics, you should actually get a proper idea when it comes to vectors and graphs as well. You should also know that it is crucial to properly learn the differences between things and then integrate them as well. You will have sleepless nights when you are thinking about mathematics, that could certainly happen, but you should make sure that you do not get completely disheartened. You should try and get rid of Math Phobia.
    • You should finish studying all of the chapters until rotation, and then you can find your strengths. You should complete all of the chapters till the rotation; you should never hurry, take as much time as you think you will genuinely need. One of the best ways to ensure that same is by applying yourself to an online statistics help which can get you through easily.
    • You should go through the part where you will get to know all of the basic concepts, and that would include Kinematics which introduces the definitions and also all of the key terms, Newton’s laws which are very important and these are the laws that introduce force equations. You should also be learning about work and energy, and this will include the introductions for the law of conservation of energy. You will also know about momentum, and this will tell you about the laws of conservation of momentum.
    • You should also be concentrating on the part where you understand all of the concepts and also all of their applications. You should be identifying and also convert the keywords into the meaning in physics. You should also learn all the definitions.


    Industrial knives are the obvious choice when it comes to getting all your industrial issues sorted, but one needs to be sure that the knives you pick are of the right type and can help in the process of getting the job done. There are many things one needs to consider before buying industrial knives and some tips to help you in the process are listed below. The type of knife There are many types of knives available which can help you get the job done, but the way you are going to use the knife decides the type of knife you need. If you are buying a knife for by installing mechanical purpose, it is likely that you choose a circular blade as it helps get the job done quickly and effortlessly.   The purpose Also, the purpose of the knife defines the type of knife you need as you expect the result to speak for itself. Also, you need to decide if the knife will work better for outdoor use or for industrial use. This will help with the options to get you through the whole process. The sharpness of the knife The industry you stay in defines the sharpness of the blade if you are looking for a blade which can cut through wood or metal. This helps you get to the best knife and ensure that you get the right solutions for all your industrial knife needs. The quality of the knife There are various options for the knife to choose from, and if you cannot find the right one, you can easily customise your knife. One thing you should not compromise on is the quality of the knife as industrial knives do some heavy-duty cutting, and it is essential that you have the right toughness for the knife to complete its job. The quality of the blade The quality of the overall knife and the blade is different. A good quality blade means that the knife is rust-resistant and durable and can last you for a long time as industrial knives are expensive and you need to make sure that these knives are an asset to your investment.   Conclusion The above tips mentioned are universal and can be used to help you in the process of buying industrial knives, which can be one of the most important parts of a certain industry. While buying an industrial knife, it is important that you do not hurry in the process as it may affect your decision while buying. It is adviced that you look before you finalise on any kind of industrial knife. For consultation American Quicksilver Company has some of the best advices and types of knives for you to choose from....

  • good translator

    Qualities of a good translator

    When it comes to translators, one of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that they tend to think a person who knows a foreign language is a good translator. That is not even close to the truth. A good translator needs to poses a lot of qualities. It does not matter whether the translator is from local translation services or from a world renowned translation service provider. There are basic skills that they must have. In this article, we will see in detail the qualities of a good translator.

    Translation skills

    The first and the most obvious one is the translation skills. They should be able to translate any kind of dialect and have absolute mastery over the language.  The translation is not just a conversion of one language to another. It is the way of conveying information in the language that they know.


    Passion for a job is very important to improve the skills. It is applicable not just for translators it is applicable for all kinds of jobs. If there is passion will motivate people to perfect their skill and improve themselves in every way possible. translator


    The curiosity to know a lot of new things in one of the important aspects that a good translator should have. New words and expressions keep popping up regularly. Hence it is important that they keep themselves updated to do a good job.

    Rich Vocabulary

    It is not just enough just to be good at the language, grammar and dialects. It is also important for a translator to have a rich vocabulary. Anyone can be good at their language. But it really takes a lot to have a good vocabulary. It requires a lot of reading.


    For a translator, clarity is not a luxury, it is mandatory. If he or she is not clear, there is no way that they can translate things precisely. It is one of the biggest hurdles for translating the language in a proper way. That too, it is very important when it comes to business translation.


    The quality of the translation matters a lot. Most of the people expect you to meet some standards when you are translating. It is not necessary to exceed those levels. But it is important that you meet those standards. If not, things might go wrong in a big way.


    We all know for a fact that there are good possibilities that different meaning can be conveyed to people by the translators because of the inaccuracy. Being accurate in very essential for a good translator.


    There are good possibilities that some translators might get affected or offended by what people say. Even though it is against their believes or morals, it is the work of the translator to translate the exact same thing. It should be totally honest.


    A good translator needs to be humble. Just because they know some extra languages, it does not mean that they can show off and be proud of it. Their work is to translate and nothing more....

  • budget

    Retirement and financial planning

    Retiring from a job is one of the blissful experiences that one can have in his life. Life after retirement is one of the phases of life that you need to enjoy. But to have a peaceful life after retirement, it is important that you need to have certain things. One among them is adequate financial support to take care of your expenses. If you have not taken the necessary steps to take care of it, then you have to face a lot of difficulties and your life after retirement will be nothing more than pathetic. In this article, we will see the things that you have to do to have a good financial position after retirement that are recommended by renowned retirement financial advisor.

    Fix goal

    This might sound a bit weird and confusing. What we meant here is that while you are working, you need to set certain goals and give your everything to achieve them. Things, like buying a house and investing in some property, are some of the examples that you should be finished while you are working. If you are planning to do these things after retirement, it will be very difficult. calculator

    Have a road map

    It is always better to have a road map at the earlier stages of your carrier. This helps you function better and take the right decisions in your finances.  Make sure that you stick on to this plan and execute things properly. It might sound simple, but it is not. It requires a lot of determination and will power to do this.

    Start saving

    One of the things that you need to do is saving at the earlier stages. But it is a bitter fact that we need to accept that the majority of the youngsters who are working do have the practice of saving. It will definitely help you in the later stages of your life. We are asking you to save from day one. But it is better to start saving at least ten to fifteen years from your retirement.

    Get rid of your debts

    One of the first things that you need to do before retiring is to get rid of all kinds of debts. It can be debt that you borrowed from your friend or the loan from the bank. Make it a point to close everything before retiring. It is also important that you do not take any kinds of loans during the last days of your carrier.

    Explore government benefits

    If you are a retired person, there are good possibilities that you will be of a certain age. The governments of most of the countries give various benefits to the citizens above a certain age. Some of them include the deduction of rates in travel, senior citizen pensions, health care benefits and a lot more. Make it a point to explore them and get all the benefits that the government is offering....

  • veterans statue

    What are the fields veterans can work

    Military is an excellent career opportunity as the people there are taught discipline, perseverance and teamwork while achieving benefits for their future, both personally as well as professionally. However, the military careers are usually very short. So, after their short lived career, the military veterans often look for various other work opportunities. The two big questions when it comes to hiring veterans are how to hire a veteran? And the second is which field they can work? Below is the list of different fields veterans can work in: veterans


    Science is a natural choice for a lot of military veterans as they tend to possess excellent work ethic along with having a desire for understanding how different kinds of things operate and function. In fact various engineering and aerospace firms are regarded as the best ones for the veterans for finding work.

    Transportations and logistics

    Transportations and logistics are considered as a great field for the veterans as they get to use their problem solving skills in this field. There are many employers in this field who specifically look for the military veterans for the logistics positions because veterans have an excellent experience in managing supply chains along with tracking inventory in the best way. Having great situational awareness and existing understanding of several basic logistics requirements such as timing and route planning, a lot of employers find the veterans to be the best choice for the commercial driving roles. Due to this reason, the transportations and logistics industry is basically a great fit for the veterans.

    Information technology

    While the field of technology has been growing rapidly and lots of people are getting the opportunity of working in this field, particularly there are two positions in the information technology field where veterans are best suited. These two positions are cyber security and software development. As this industry is growing rapidly and companies looking for bright talents, they highly consider recruiting veterans as the veterans have a great ability for solving complex problems, adapt to the changing circumstances and have a great thinking power. Veterans are actually a great choice for the information technology field.


    The construction industry is capable of providing great opportunities for the veterans. Their emphasis on team work, their physical fitness levels, and their pride in their works makes them more suitable to work in the construction industry. They are actually the best persons which the construction companies' employers can have for doing the kind of work which needs to be done in the field of construction.


    The customer service representatives are considered as the face of any organisation. They need to talk to the customers and provide different types of information about the products and services which the organisation offers. They need to handle customer complaints, have good listening power and have great problem solving skills. The above mentioned characteristics are present in the veterans, therefore, they are considered as a great choice for the customer service representatives in the medical field. Moreover, for the veterans who have experience in helping the wounded, injured or sick soldiers can apply their experience in the medical field too....

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